You Are verry luky to see my blog because…

student blogging challenge Our first challenge to complete in Tek2011 is to write persuasively and try to ’sell’ our ePortfolios to visitors. We have learnt that being persuasive is kind of like:

– bribing, advertising, encouraging, or trying to get someone to do something.

Your task is to create a post (written, verbal or video) that persuades your audience to keep visiting your blog/ePortfolio. Check out my post:

3 thoughts on “You Are verry luky to see my blog because…

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  2. Hi Sophie,
    You made me smile as I listened to your persuasive presentation on why to visit your blog. I really liked the part where you said how much Hip Hop Jazz was really Hip Hoppy and made you happy. Net ball sounds like great fun too.
    I like baking too, but I don’t get too much time for baking. I usually just make muffins or maybe cookies.
    (Tomorrow, I am going to visit my son who is at university in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. I think I will make him some cookies.)
    You must have a good way of coming up with games where you get to win all the time.

    Well done! I shall indeed continue to visit your blog!!


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